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Below is a brief description of our horses that are available for adoption by their location.  They are listed according to the state where they are presently residing in foster homes. If you see a horse that catches you eye, please contact us for further detailed information. To adopt a horse, please download and fill out an Adoption application and submit it to our Secretary 






Fawna is a silver chocolate mare, approximately 13 years old and 42 inches tall. She is almost completely blind due to a condition called "moon blindess." She is light sensitive and may see shadows although that seems to come and go. She knows basic ground manners and loves attention. Fawna is up to date on all shots, teeth floating, and farrier work. Fawna and Zippy must remain together as they rely heavily on each other.  Adoption fee: $200.


Zippy is a red pinto mare, approximately 9 years old and 36 inches tall. She is blind in her left eye but has excellent vision in her right eye. She loves attention and is always close to Fawna, and they must be adopted together. Zippy is up to date on shots, teeth floating, and farrier work. She foaled a beautiful appaloosa colt in 2011 (Thor) while in foster care.  Adoption fee: $200.





Billy is a 9 year old bay gelding and stands 35 inches tall. He had a rough start in life and was in a situation that caused him to have some food aggresion issues. We have worked through all of those issues and he is now just a sweetie. Billy is not the first to come up to be petted or brushed as he does have some trust issues, but he is getting better every day. Billy will need someone who is willing to devote a fair amount of time and give him lots of attention. He is up to date on his vaccinations, farrier, and teeth floating.  Adoption fee: $350.



Romeo is a 13 year old sorrel gelding. He stands 36 inches tall. Romeo is a very "old soul" as he is very wise and has an unlimited amount of patience. Romeo knows everything that goes on at the farm. He watches everyone. If he could talk he would tell you about every car or dog that passed down our road during the day. Romeo loves attention and will stand to be brushed for hours. He is on a low starch diet because he has a broken crest, so his weight is monitered closely. Romeo has the most lush wonderful mane.  Adoption fee: $350.


Sonny is a 14 year old sorrel gelding who stands just 30 inches tall. He is a feisty little red head who loves running around the pasture and pestering all the other geldings. He is probably more fond of the mares but is beginning to hang out with his own kind too. He has no known health problems and is currently being taught some manners by his foster mom. He is not for the beginner or small children. Sonny is up to date on his shots, feet trimming, and deworming. Adoption fee: $350.

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