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Chances Mini Horse Rescue

Making a Miniature Horse at a time.




CMHR History - How we got started...

Chance's Mini Horse Rescue was conceived by a group of miniature horse lovers who were concerned over a message that appeared on the L'il Beginnings Forum.

The message described a paralyzed miniature horse colt in need of a home.  The miniature horse community from across the country rallied in response.  In less than three days the colt, renamed 'Second Chance' by his new caretaker, Denise Clark, had been removed from his former home and was receiving much needed veterinarian treatment.


Unfortunately Chance's injuries were severe, and no hope of recovery was given.  He was humanely put down.  As the discussion of his plight continued, concern remained not only for Chance, but for all other minis in need of a second chance at a loving home.

In a few short weeks, the miniature horse community came together, with members from across the United States and through the determined efforts of its founding members, Chance's Mini Horse Rescue was born.

Within a few months, CMHR had grown from a 'good idea' to the first Miniature Horse breed specific rescue! 

In the first year, CMHR rescued its first minis in dire straits (see minis); Bylaws and Policies were written and in place; volunteers were distributing information nationwide and at both the AMHR & AMHA Nationals; a brochure was designed and distributed; fund raising efforts began with the November fund raising campaign, a cookbook and tshirt were also designed and have been used to raise much needed dollars; 501c Non Profit Status was filed with the IRS and over 55 members came on board to help grow CMHR!

The future is bright for CMHR to grow into a national non profit ready to aid all Minis in need.

Mission Statement

Chance's Mini Horse Rescue is a not for profit organization dedicated to the well-being of all miniature horses.

Our goal is to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted miniature horses through the charitable works of our members, sponsors, foster and adoptive homes.

Surrendered miniature horses will be accepted without judgment. CMHR seeks to better the lives of all miniature horses through the constant promotion and education of responsible miniature horse ownership and breeding practices.




Sweet little Chance,
you're up so high
soar with the angels
now that you can fly.

We just didn't know
we were too late
and then was sealed
your awful fate.

We vow today
and promise in your name
your loss will never
be in vain.

Because of you Chance
many horses will be saved
we will never forget you Chance
and the ordeal you braved.

Today we begin
the Second Chance Rescue
and all because
thousands came to love you.

Sleep now little sweet colt
you can rest in peace
we will face the atrocities
we will make them cease.


This poem was written by Marty Garrison,(a Mini Horse lover) for "Second Chance", the Miniature Horse that inspired the creation of CMHR.








CMHR is a not for profit organization dedicated to the American Miniature Horse. is owned by Chances Mini Horse Rescue. No part of this site may be reproduced without permission.