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Dwarf Minis

Dwarfism in American Miniature Horses is a concern industry-wide.  Dwarves, while adorable and sweet are far below the breed standard.  There is a myriad of medical problems associated with dwarf minis.  Many lead short pain filled lives because of the serious medical issues associated with dwarfism.

Excerpt from CMHR Policy on Dwarf Miniature Horses

CMHR views Dwarf Miniature Horses to be part of the Miniature Horse breed
and industry and does not condone the use of Dwarf Miniature Horses for
“assistance animal programs” and/or “service” work.  Dwarf Miniatures will only
be adopted out as pets and/or companions.

Dwarves are considered 'special needs' and only people that have been
adequately counseled and/or have past experience with raising dwarf minis will be
considered for either Foster Home or Adoptive Homes.

Education about dwarves is a priority with CMHR and materials will be made
available to CMHR Members and the public.

People wishing to donate a dwarf to CMHR will be considered on a case-by-
case basis.  As their ongoing care can be an issue, dwarves exhibiting extreme
health problems will need to have a Foster Home secured prior to being accepted
into CMHR’s program.  Minimal dwarves, or those not facing major health issues
at the time of donation, will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and if
deemed fit will be gelded (if a stallion) and a suitable Foster Home located.

The Teddy Fund has been earmarked specifically for assisting with medical care
expenses including gelding, and also if feasible,  purchasing dwarves that are living
in substandard conditions.

Barbara Naviaux's book - Miniature Horses Their Care, Breeding and Coat Color has excellent information on dwarfism with graphic photos. (order at Raintree Press or



















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