How To Choose A Saddle Of A Mini Horse?

The main criterion for choosing a saddle of horse relates directly to your equestrian discipline. Other criteria such as size and quality of materials are also to be taken into account.

Here are some tips that will help you choose a saddle suitable for the rider you are.

Choose your saddle according to the discipline

  • Saddle for jumping:

The rider who practices jumping is almost always in a position of balance on his stirrups with the legs in bending.

A saddle of an obstacle thanks to its short quarters leaves the bottom of the legs in contact with the flank of the horse. The seat is semi-hollow or flat.

The obstacle saddle has quarters that are advanced to allow the knees to have a fulcrum.

  • Versatile saddle

A versatile horse saddle adapts to all equestrian activities. The semi-hollow seat provides a comfortable seat. This type of saddle is recommended for hiking. Its neighborhoods are slightly inclined forward to allow the crossing of obstacles.

  • Horse saddle for training

Unlike the obstacle, the rider for training is almost always in a sitting position. The saddle, therefore, has long and straight quarters to position itself below the rider’s leg.

  • Saddle

The saddle is logically the most comfortable for the rider and the horse. The padding allows distributing the weight of the passenger. This type of saddle is usually equipped with rings for securing saddlebags. A leather saddle with a wide seat is often recommended.

How to know the size of a saddle horse?

The size of a saddle of the horse is always related to the build of the horse and the rider. The goal is, of course, to ensure maximum comfort for both athletes.

Choose the right size of the equestrian seat:

You can refer to the size of your pants to choose the seat size of your place.

  • Trouser size 14 years corresponds to a seat size 15;
  • Trouser size 16 years corresponds to a seat size 16;
  • Pant size 34 corresponds to a saddle seat size of 16.5;
  • Trouser size 36/38 corresponds to a saddle seat size 17;
  • Pant size 40/42 corresponds to a saddle seat size of 17.5;
  • Trouser size 44/46 corresponds to a saddle seat size 18;
  • Pants size 48 and over corresponds to a saddle seat size of 18.5.